Setting suspension sag

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Setting suspension sag

Postby Greenman14 » Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:29 pm

i Recently set the suspension sag on my 2017 Tracer. It started out on standard settings, 4th position on the rear shock and 16mm on the front. I aimed to get the sag to between 25 and 30% total suspension travel and ended up with the rear on minimum preload and the front at 11mm. Substantial changes at both ends and in line with how the bike felt: hard at the back and soft at the front. Final sag is 32mm back and 45 front, damping is still at standard settings. On a shortish ride the suspension feels much more controlled though I suspect it may be a little underdamped for quick (by my standards) riding. I need some dry roads to find that out. Tyres are at 36 and 42 psi and I’m 80kg in riding gear.

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